Raleigh NC New Homes: Communities, Lots and Land in the Triangle: Why Energy Wise Just Makes Sense - And How Energy Wise Works

Why Energy Wise Just Makes Sense - And How Energy Wise Works

Energy Wise Makes Sense - Here's How it Works!

Energy Wise Becomes Efficiency of Choice for the Triangle

Guaranteed Savings Attracts 3 of 4 Homebuyers

Stanton Homes is pleased to announce a surge in requests for new homes that include green options, with 3 out of 4 expressing keen interest in Energy Wise heating, cooling, and insulation systems.  

Energy Wise is a guaranteed cost savings program Stanton Homes offers in partnership with Healthy Home Insulation

Green Homes Raleigh | Energy Wise Homes | Custom Home Builders"We're seeing a tremendous amount of interest in the value this product brings to our new homes," said Stan Williams, CEO of Stanton Homes.  "Our partnership with  Healthy Home Insulation and the Energy Wise program enables homebuyers to take advantage of some real bargains, with the knowledge that they're also doing the right thing for our environment and their health."

Energy Wise use a systems approach to heating and cooling a home.  

It starts with a precise review of the blueprints, window sizes and types, and even the dimensions of each room. 

The HVAC system is precisely calculated. 

Bayseal foam insulation is used to fill every crack and crevice, then extensive caulking is added to prevent any air leakage. 

The Energy Wise system has been successfully installed in over 40,000 buildings, but has just recently become available in North Carolina. 

EnergyWise - Green Building Raleigh NC - New Green Homes Raleigh NC - Healthy Home Insulation"We are very excited about the Energy Wise system that's going into our new Stanton Home," said Navy veteran Ryland Page, whose new home is nearing completion near the western side of the Triangle. 

"Energy Wise really appeals to us because it is so thorough and balanced.  Rather than adding a few random upgrades, it is an engineered system. It starts by addressing all three modes of heat transmission in and around the home, from caulking to resist convection, Icynene to resist convection and conduction, and heat rejecting windows to resist radiation. The system is really amazing - incorporating local climate data and solar exposure, and calculating the structure's heat load so well that it was able to guarantee the costs to run the HVAC equipment it has specified for the house."  

Energy Wise guarantees 50-70% cost savings on heating and cooling, with a written contract that includes a full energy analysis of the home and even a maximum monthly dollar amount.  

Not only that, but an Energy Wise home can also be ENERGY STAR certified, which adds an additional 5% monthly discount from Progress or Duke Energy. 

 Ryland and his wife Kelly carefully EnergyWise - Green Building Raleigh NC - New Green Homes Raleigh NC - Healthy Home Insulationresearched every part o f their home construction, and worked with Stanton Homes and Healthy Home Insulation to make decisions based on their desires to have a healthy, economically efficient, environmentally responsible home.

"We chose Stanton Homes primarily because of their knowledge of the VA's Specially Adapted Housing requirements, and the Stanton Homes for Heroes program.  We found out about Energy Wise while planning the home," said Page. 

"They are a pleasure to work with and our house is turning out great. These guys really do support the troops."


EnergyWise - Green Building Raleigh NC - New Green Homes Raleigh NC - Healthy Home Insulation "At Healthy Home Insulation, we want to offer the healthiest home possible with the absolute best systems on the market," said Tu Nguyen, CEO of Healthy Home Insulation. 

"We strongly believe that the Energy Wise system offers exactly that.  Between the engineered HVAC system and the Bayseal foam insulation, we're fully confident in the 50-70% savings guarantee we're able to offer homeowners.  This kind of savings makes a big difference in today's economy, particularly as energy costs continue to rise."




"Our ecology-minded buyers like the Pages are telling us that their first concern is the environment, and the second is the growing cost of energy," said Williams. 

"When they find out that an Energy Wise home offers a written guarantee of 50-70% cost savings on heating and cooling over any standard home, and uses fewer natural resources, they're excited." 

"Energy Wise's systemic approach to the entire structure made their claims of significant energy savings compelling to us," said Ryland.EnergyWise - Green Building Raleigh NC - New Green Homes Raleigh NC - Healthy Home Insulation 

 Healthy Home Insulation has years of experience with spray foam insulation, and a dedication to providing quality products and services.

"After obtaining my degree in mechanical engineering, I spent 12 years as a Senior Engineer for several oil companies," said Ngyuen. 

"I saw first-hand the alarming global increase in fuel demands.  Energy Wise and spray foam insulation is an extremely viable solution to alleviating our dependence on fossil fuel, while improving our health and protecting the environment for future generations."

Healthy Home Insulation and Stanton Homes both offer free, personal consultations to discuss specific energy requirements for every home, with a precise cost benefit analysis of any floor plan.  Healthy Home Insulation's reputation for quality and responsiveness led HHI to become the first Raleigh area insulation company selected by Energy Wise to offer their system.EnergyWise - Green Building Raleigh NC - New Green Homes Raleigh NC - Healthy Home Insulation



"We looked into the products and techniques used and compared them with standard options," said Page.  "Energy Wise provides a service for something we feel is very important to include in our new home.  The projected energy savings should pay for it in just a few years, and the rest is gravy. "

"Energy Wise is really a hit with homebuyers," said Williams.  "It's a very compelling product, that insulates every facet of a home's thermal envelope - and then leverages the HVAC system to optimally manage it, with the ability to guarantee metering savings." 


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This is very informative and certainly somethings buyers will be interested in.  I may have missed it, but I was wondering where I can get information on the manufacturer of the heating/cooling system itself.  thanks.

Posted by Joan Whitebook, Consumer Focused Real Estate Services (BHG The Masiello Group) almost 9 years ago

Joan - You can get further information here:


Or call Healthy Home Insulation at 877-944-3626.  It's more of a combination of strict engineering, insulation, and sealing rather than a particular brand of HVAC unit, though there are several brands that meet the requirements. 


Posted by Stanton Homes, Design/Build Custom Home Builder in North Carolina (Stanton Homes - New Home Builder, with thousands of floor plans and almost unlimited customization available! ) almost 9 years ago

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